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Double Non-stick Pan Grill Ø26 cm

Double Non-stick Pan Grill Ø26 cm

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MAGIC MAG Double Non-stick Pan Grill Ø26 cm for Piadina, Testo Umbria and Marche, vegetables fish meat, Aluminum - Including Flame Spreader
Art: Double Non-stick Grill Pan Ø26 cm
EAN: 602561206398


Model Name Double non-Stick Pan Grill Ø26 cm
Material Alluminium
Brand name Magic mag
Color Nero Puntinato
Dimension article: LxPxA 49 x 26 x 3 cm

About this article

  • MAGIC MAG DOUBLE-SIDED GRILL PAN: Famous for its versatility. Suitable for every need of the modern and traditional cook. The package includes the double grill pan with the respective removable wooden handle and the mandatory flame spreader, for excellent cooking of food and to keep the grill pan in optimal conditions over time
  • ULTRA RESISTANT AND NON-STICK: The grill pan has a 4-layer certified non-stick stone coating that guarantees the durability and resistance of the pot; if all the instructions provided by Magic mag are followed, there will be no scratches, chips or flaking of the coating. The painting with water colors guarantees the healthiness and quality of the food
  • EASY TO CLEAN ALSO IN THE DISHWASHER: Thanks to its certified coating, the pan allows food to slide on the surface without difficulty. By avoiding the use of oil or fats, you can follow a healthier and lighter diet. Dishwasher safe
  • CREATIVITY AND FREEDOM IN THE KITCHEN: The Magic mag cooking plate allows you to cook Meat, Fish, Grilled Vegetables, Eggs, Chicken, Hamburgers but also Torta al testo Umbria - Marchigiana, Crepes, Kebab, Toast, Focaccia, Pan Cake, pan for Pizza and much more. Cooking without fat, any type of dish will be cooked perfectly and lightly. With our grill you will need a barbecue in the house
  • ALL ITALIAN QUALITY: Thanks to the Italian design of the Magic Mag stone pans, the heat spreads evenly, allowing food to cook perfectly. It fits all hobs, oven, gas, electric, not suitable for induction. It can be used in many creative ways and with complete freedom. Nice to be able to cook everything with just one pan!
  • DESIGN AND PRACTICALITY: The kit includes a BLACK non-stick food aluminum pan with a dotted pattern (stone dots) plus a practical wooden design handle and a professional Flame Spreader









  • The Magic Mag Two Face Roast Grill Series Non-Stick Grill Pan has a partially recycled Food Aluminum body and wooden handle with Vintage Design aluminum inserts for a kitchen like that of mothers but with the practicality and functionality of a modern kitchen, this thanks to the non-stick paint with stone surface finish for better resistance of the pot and cooking of food, to be able to cook with low fat and oil content and guarantee healthier and lighter dishes.
  • The material of the pot, being Food Aluminum, is practical, light and easy to handle!
  • The two-sided high-thickness bottom, one of which is grilled and one smooth, fits all hobs, Gas, Electric, Oven, not suitable for induction!




The Magic Mag Roast Grill Series Two Face Non-Stick Grill Pan has a 4-Layer stone finish Non-Stick coating and is resistant and practical to wash even in the dishwasher. The special Water-Based Coating makes it resistant to high temperatures but also respectful of health because PFOA free and NIKEL free.







  • The Two Face Grill Pot must be used on Gas or Electric stoves only in combination with the Flame Spreader supplied, for optimal cooking of food and to prevent the coating from being damaged over time and therefore chipping or flaking!
  • To protect the coating of the pan from scratches, flaking and chipping, only dishes and kitchen utensils made of wood, PVC and silicone for high temperatures must be used; while it is absolutely necessary to avoid using cutlery or kitchen utensils in steel and aluminum; furthermore, for cleaning, natural soft sponges with a NON-Abrasive liquid detergent for dishes must be used and avoiding the use of metal and synthetic scouring pads for more severe dirt.
  • The grill pan can be washed in the dishwasher (in this case it is advisable to remove the handle first)
  • Once the wooden handle and relative aluminum inserts have been disassembled and removed, the pan can be used for cooking in the oven.






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